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Mike Whaley American Actor

If ever you need affirmation that you are doing a good job, it is to get repeat business from brands and companies to represent them. Actor, Mike Whaley knows this only too well.

Better known as “The Walmart Guy” Mike has done over 200 adverts for the massive retail chain over a 5 year period. He even won an Effie Award for his role in the adverts. The Effie is a sought after Advertising Effectiveness Award, which is really reserved for the top advertisers and marketers, so to be a recipient as an actor speaks volumes to his contribution to the brand.

Mike was in the living rooms of Americans every night, not for his role in any series or movie, but as a Commercial Actor. 

His versatile look and nature has ensured he has been cast in over 200 ads for Verizon, the principal actor for Home Depot, ELI, GEICO, FORD and even Hershey’s. 

The brands love him so much, they do brand extensions into Mike being their brands spokesperson outside of the adverts and to connect with the consumers.

Consumers respond to someone they like and get to know, so by using a single representative that is extremely likeable, the brands have managed to keep the communication very personal, so when Mike makes a recommendation to the customer, they feel like they are speaking to a friend on social media, rather than a brand that is pushing an advertising agenda.

The Walmart strategy is very much based on the face to face interactions with it’s customers. The adverts show Mike walking around the store with them, helping them save money for the one campaign targeting customers who would be price sensitive and possibly go elsewhere based on freesheets and coupons. It is this connection to the customer that makes the relationship so much stronger and the end result more effective. 

If your customers are happy, then your business will continue to grow. 

Ensuring that you understand their needs and desires, you can seed a personality into your communication to blend the marketing message with a person that the customer relates to, learns to trust and welcomes into their homes.

It is not always a smooth ride though, selecting a brand ambassador is a crucial decision, not to be taken lightly. Many brands have seen the wrath of the consumers when the real life actions or personality of an actor or sports star has come to the fore, and it does not align with the brand values. 

Luckily for the brands that have worked with Mike Whaley, they have nothing to worry about, his family focused lifestyle and trademark smile has been a very welcome guest into every Americans home, every night.

You can follow Mike on his Facebook or Instagram pages for more updates.

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