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Mike Whaley Commercial Actor Effie Award

In this day and age of limited budgets and restricted attention spans, marketing campaigns need to be as effective as they possibly can be. Commercial Actor Mike Whaley knows a thing or two about that! 

Having won the Effie Award in 2015 for his role in the Walmart campaigns for over 4 years, Mike was overjoyed at the recognition that the Effie award gave him.

“It is like winning an Oscar in the advertising world” Mike said in an interview after the win. “After so many years of working with a great brand like Walmart, to be acknowledged as an actor making a difference was insanely rewarding”.

Effie stands for effectiveness in marketing communications, which highlights ideas that work and encourage thoughtful dialogue about the drivers of marketing effectiveness. 

The Walmart campaigns certainly did that.

Mike won the award for “Best Commercial Performance in a Series” which culminated his 12 years of working in the commercial space. His CV is impressive. Over 200 commercial for brands like Verizon, leading commercial roles with Cinnabon, Hershey’s, GEICO, Ford and even the TV stations themselves like TNT, ESPN and the Discovery Channel. Watch some of his work here.

It was however, his role as the commercial actor and Campaign Spokesman for Walmart for 4 years that ensured him the recognition in his field and catapulted him in to further roles in the television space.

It definitely helps get your name out there when you are in everyone’s living room most nights. Partnering up with a powerhouse brand like Walmart for that period of time was proof of a great synergy in their brand and his personality. 

Mike may come across as a bit of a dark horse in an industry that usually sees people thrive on being in the spotlight. Preferring to keep his private life as private as possible, Mike aims to keep his fans entertained in their living rooms while having the freedom and space to raise his daughter out of the spotlight. In real life, he is a bubbly and friendly personality, so it is no wonder the brands love working with him over and over.

If you want to watch Mike in his new roles, catch The Outsider,  based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, on HBO, you won’t be sorry.

Follow his Instagram account here, @Mikewhaley82

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